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Turkey at least five of each channel, each house has at least one array.Productions over the years (a fine) number of spruce were given sector still 'English Style' progress. Each week series of 90-minute set for the hundreds of workers are being victimized.Players are miserable, the writers would find familiar topic highlights the issues kazıdıkça digging. Serhat Çokgezen 1984, is a professional actor was born in Germany. Conservatory trained for four years in Germany. After appearing in several series in Turkey, you can not find the discipline to be, unable to pay back to Germany for. 
Good thing I returned, and currently broadcast on national television in Germany 'Notruf Hafenkante' (Emergency Port Coast)'s series with the famous German actors star in. In a good mood. In the morning at 09.00 8:45's production company says you will take home at is at the door. '16 .00 'Shooting ends in' deniliyorsa 15:50 'come to take charge of the' can leave your home 'he says. Sagging, elongation, delay, do not start until pestili. Peace workers player and set the directory to the finest detail and every detail is thought to mean peace of mind. 
Serhat Çokgezen, Germany, the show is playing, of course, German. Whatever it is, Turkey's biggest dream, even if the conditions experienced in Turkey to make fun; 'enjoyment of playing your native language other than' he says. Exhibits excellent performance even can play the man waiting at the roadside, Çokgezen, when he returned to Turkey intends to bring what they have learned in Germany near the ... Here, as in Germany, the agency set up a cast of the greatest dreams of another. PRODUCER ESCAPED - Which TV series Played in Turkey?Turkey Osman Sınav'la series in the world I opened my eyes I can say. Show TV'teki 'Pusat' series played, but unfortunately lasted for 13 episodes. Osman teacher has decided to end the show, although the rating at the top. 'Pusat' shots, very professional, I'd say all media. After the end of ATV'deki 'Lace' at the starting array. Came face to face with reality. Derya Alabora, Ozlem Yilmaz, Engin Altan Flatbed team played four chapters, and he stood in the publication.Unfortunately, the sad but true alamayıp money went home. No, what a producer did not have escaped around. That's why I can not get your money in Turkey. One was in the feature film experience. 'Pusat'tan friend Haluk Piyes'in first feature film role in' ​​support have made ​​my blood Barut'a. - There are currently playing the directory name? 'Notruf Hafenkante' (Emergency Port Coast). 5-year-long series of successful detective. - How much is watched? Every week there is a new section of the array audience of about 4 million. Of course, it is 40 years old and above, do not ignore an audience. - In Germany, how to enter such an array was monitored?agency went to Hamburg for the selection of the cast on the proposal. One of the major player of Italian descent, wanted to play the role of the police. I memorized, set up by him that where I showed my acting. Likes cast'a again two weeks later inviting me to this role, this time as a facelift, a Turkish policeman asked me to choose from, and as a result, 55 players have changed the whole scenario to me. Tariq was the role of the shepherd and Luca. MONEY do not get - could you tell us your role in the series? German police exams proud of winning the family and the environment, working to promote Turkish culture colleagues, loquacious, charming, and a police officer of Turkish origin, which play the pupil of the police station.  - Turkey ' Did not find what you're looking? What the hell did you have? Germany conservatory educated about the after 4 years of living in Turkey, I decided to play at the National Theater. There is also a Wiki in a year to fix the read Turvan film and television training center. Clever Alasya, Kayhan Yildizoglu, Hamdi Alkan, Ali Kirca and instructors I have ever seen, such as the support and interest in Family Practice Sword finished first in education in acting. School 'Pusat''s drama teacher for the series, which launched cast'a I went on the advice of Tangul Sınav'ın. For a person born and raised in Germany, Turkey, at first it was difficult to keep up with the requirements. Istanbul is a bustling city. Despite being one of the most beautiful cities in the world according to me very tired people. 'Pusat'ta played in Germany during the time I was not thinking I'm going back again. But the end of the array 'Lace' series producer disappearance could take my money and then 'Eşrefpaşalılar' oral agreement cinema film, and still play within the last straw for me was someone else behind my back. Germany does not happen. I have decided to return to Germany.  - In Turkey, people are working day and night sequences. Except at the very victims of the technical team ... What is the situation there? Germany, working hours are very important and paydoslara. Set in terms of psychology and morale of the team met every need.Series of shots does not exceed 12 hours a day. Private life of the players as injury, shooting plans prepared by him. From the last to the first set, tea sellers and also that Turkey is almost man's wife boşuyordu.  - what kind of service they give you? What possibilities? Each player has a special driver. In the morning, getting my driver. When I set the car karşılanıyorum descending umbrella. For outdoor use Each player has its own trailer. You want to Paydoslarda preparing meals. Each player has a studio, a relaxation room. Set comes from a chiropractor every two weeks. Turkey, where service is not a finger of one hand the number of players.  - Array length is discussed in Turkey. Arrays with length 90 minutes ... What does it mean for a German this time? 90 minutes to say for a German film. Here arrays, time 45 minutes. But the series continues for a long period. After 25 years in a series of recently expired. Turkey attracted a chapter a week, and five months later, in Germany, to be published in the 15-20 section drawn already held. - Do you have plans to come to Turkey? Here's biggest dream job when you're acting more out there to settle in and maintain in Istanbul .          My wife and I started our journey scenario of arms for the very first film to film. Scheme with links to Germany, where we learned to Istanbul in Turkey by establishing a casting agency would like to evaluate.

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